Somewhere in the world, there is a young girl
Poring over magazines, and hollow celebrities,
With a father, standing over shoulder,
Fearing (knowing) how men will meet her gaze
While growing older, into an object of culture
Captivated by perky breasts
And rock-hard phalluses,
Fueled by masculinity.

There is a young man, corrupted by pornography,
Ten thousand years of evolution—
Internet, radio, bringing the world together—
Only to bask in barbaric root:
The fleshly skin, the soaking genitals,
The moaning and screaming and heavy breathing (but no kissing),
The fake tits, and the oh so big, throbbing dicks;
He sleeps well, fooling his body
Into firm serenity.

And there are those who claim that money runs this world—
Greed, Fear, Power, Technology—
But no, it is only

Sex! Sex! Sex!

Sex motivates, sex populates,
Sex brings us down, and sex
Lifts us up, even as it unmasks
This savage persona; a side we never knew,
Perhaps even getting us slaughtered,
For lusting sinfully in the eyes of another—
So what truth is there
But the innocence lost
As angelic youth?

Elsewhere, a couple is wrapped
In each other’s arms;
It is love, they say,
As they kiss the night away,
Each mighty thrust
An abstract completion
Creating new life.


One thought on “Sex.

  • Very true there is a whole culture around this that projects onto the people. Yet, with your picture above, it shows its a connection, and so much about these times have turned into DISconnection. Thank you for sharing, and keep writing! If you’d like check out my poetry and follow for more!

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