When you were born
Tiny and premature
I was smiling from above
Lending you my warmth and light

Waiting patiently
For your little heart to grow.

When you were younger
And almost drowned in the sea
I was blowing out a gentle wind
Washing you to shore

Giving you air
As it filled through your lungs.

When you grew older
And had too much to drink
I was whispering to friends
Who wouldn’t let you choke

Making sure your breath was firm
Your heart remained steady.

And as a young man
When you felt so lost
I was fueling a higher wind
That would spark your soul

Sending signs from above
That everything was going to be alright.

For in your darkest moments
When you feel that
This world is not for you
I’ve brought you light
I’ve found you love

Because I too love you
Though you do not yet know it.
And I do know you
Better than you know yourself.

I’ve always known you
In your mother’s arms
As a peculiar little child
Staring at orbs of light
No one else can see.

And even in those most private moments
The ones you cannot show to the world
I know you too
But I do not judge
For it is you I have chosen.

So when it is time for you
To bring new life to this world
You too will take me in your arms
You will comfort me in my darkest times
You will lend me warmth and light

And a love unconditional.

Just as I did for you
In your times of need
Even when you thought
That no one else was watching
My dearest father.

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